Leszek Buczak

A freelance product designer by day, and digital marketer by night. My name is Michael Smith, and this is my portfolio.
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About Michael.

About Michael.

With more than 10 years of professional experience under his belt, Michael Smith is a product designer and digital marketer. He has helped hundreds of startups and large enterprises with his innovative product design and marketing strategies to promote them.

Web Design

You can use my web design services to create stunning, responsive websites of any kind.

SEO Marketing

I can help you optimize your website with the best SEO marketing strategies and tools.

Video Editing

I offer video content editing services to help you create captivating, effective videos.

Photo Editing

I offer professional photo editing services for all types of clients and businesses.

Graphics Design

I can help you make better, more creative product designs, logo designs and much more.

Digital Marketing

I provide full digital marketing and content marketing services for all clients.